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Why Choose us

If you are travellers, you will enjoy:

  • Abundant travel products covering every corner of Vietnam and even Southeast Asia and meeting different people’s various needs. Products of Asia Travel Legend will be supplied by many excellent travel agents. The coverage of these products will far more than that of single travel agent, offering more choices for end-users.
  • Tailor-made China trips. Most travel agents of Asia Travel Legend can offer tailor-made travel services, satisfying customers’ unique need by arranging trips according to customers’ will.
  • Competitive price. Here you will enjoy the best service while pay the least. With so many businesses’ joining-in and offering the same products and services, the most cost-effective product will become the first choice for end users. This will greatly save customers’ time for comparison and get the most satisfied travel service.
  • Safety transaction securing a worry-free Vietnam trip. During the entire transaction process, Asia Travel Legend will ensure users’ proper rights and interests by supervising travel agents’ commitments and services, handling complaints and disputes.
  • Recommendations from real users helping you get the high quality travel service. On Asia Travel Legend, customers can comment and rate businesses and products they purchased before. According to customers’ comments and their past experiences, people will know businesses better and decide which to buy.
  • Mass of Vietnam destination information and shared information from users enabling you to know the destination deeper and easily plan a perfect journey.
  • Chances for getting different prizes of wining cash, free trips and delicate gifts by participating in various activities and earning gift points, making trips full of surprises. Corresponding gift points can be earned by booking various products or sharing information on Asia Travel Legend. With enough gift points customers can exchange them for HST coupons, a variety of beautiful gifts or even free travel service. ATL will also organize various activities irregularly. Everyone has opportunities to get a variety of prizes as long as they participated in activities.
  • Promotional information in the first time, enabling your trip step ahead and save money to the most. A variety of ATL special promotions and information will be sent to you every month as long as you subscribe to ATL Newsletter. Due to getting timely information, you can plan a perfect journey in advance.

If you are a travel agent, you will enjoy:

  • Setting up a store on Asia Travel Legend product platform one-year for free. You can sell travel routes here and use different functions freely.
  • One to one customer service and guidance. You will be worry-free about your online shop development and sales
  • Online management of orders reply, sales and order e-mail reminder. You can reply your customers timely and quickly, improving trip rates of orders and service quality.
  • Free online communication and learning. Communicating with others travel agents will improve your service and sales constantly.
  • Free product promotions opportunities.
  • Getting real feedbacks and comments from users. Their valuable information will improve your reputation, creditability and service quality.
  • Please CONTACT to if you want to be an travel agent on Asia Travel Legend.